A review on "How ancient Egyptian cosmetics influenced our beauty rituals"

A review on
  • February, 2021
  • Nodi Blake

Have you ever found yourself wondering how ancient people’s beauty rituals were? In the context that how did they clean their faces? How did they do their makeup (if they did), how did they do their hair, what products they use, etc.?

I, oddly enough, find myself wondering about this and many weirder things constantly... And just like that, I keep searching for interesting articles regarding this specific topic.

I came across this CNN article which was very interesting. Men and women used to wear makeup since the Egyptian empire era, from dark eyeliner to rouge and lipstick. So we see makeup didn’t have any boundaries. When we think of Egypt, the first thing that comes to mind is, of course, Cleopatra and Nefertiti, both beauty goddesses, amazing eyeliner, and perfect rouge.

I am not sure if that’s where eyeliners came from, as a concept, but I do know that she rocked that looked! I can’t think of a cat eye without thinking of Miss Cleopatra first!

And what about Nefertiti, her eyeliner.. perfection. I can’t do an eye look like that with every single eyeliner I have, expensive and cheap ones. It’s impossible, and yet somehow, both of these queens managed to look as if they went to the best makeup artist in the area.

That is not it though, that skin had to be prepared first. As the articles state “She might exfoliate with Dead Sea salts or luxuriate in a milk bath -- milk-and-honey face masks were popular treatments. (CNN-How ancient Egyptian cosmetics influenced our beauty rituals)”, tells us that these ladies, and many more, would first exfoliate and prepare their skin with Lucious products before applying makeup.

Are you as shocked as I am? It goes on, and I read that they used to also wax by sugaring ( I bet you have heard of this), one of the main methods used even today to removing unwanted hair, as an alternative to waxing, a less painful way. The ancients also used to create deodorants, lotions, and multiple other products for their hair and skin, which is extraordinary. 

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  • Alexandra Stepliton
    February 2021 Reply

    Makeup is beautiful. To find out that it has been used since many many years ago is amazing!

  • Ayna K.
    February 2021 Reply

    Good article. I suggest that everyone read it, mostly those who are curios about how women used to do their makeup.

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