A review on "Why Do Women Wear Makeup? The Science Behind Makeup Obsession"

A review on
  • February 2021 2021
  • Nodi Blake

Makeup is art. That’s how I see it. I see it as mixing of colors and textures to create something pleasing for your eyes. Playing with colors is fun, and it’s a whole other talent being able to mix and match these colors to create something beautiful.

For me, makeup is complicated. I don’t know how MUA-s do it, contouring, highlighting, eyeliners, etc. It’s so tricky. I can’t draw a single straight line, let alone a whole eyeliner that closes to my eye. I have paramount respect for anyone who does makeup as a profession. I can’t even do it to myself.

Anyhow, the question arises, why do women wear makeup? Why does anyone wear makeup? I came across this interesting article on Science of People called “Why Do Women Wear Makeup? The Science Behind Makeup Obsession,” and I got very intrigued.

The two main reasons for wearing makeup are Camouflage and Seduction. Most women, almost half, believe that if they went out with no makeup, they wouldn’t be able to achieve what they wanted throughout the day, and they wouldn’t feel their best.

That makes me very sad knowing that my fellow ladies think they have to look pretty by applying makeup to achieve basic stuff such as job interviews. Makeup should be fun, not a necessity. Makeup should be a way to express yourself through colors and shading, not to hide your imperfections.

Nobody is perfect, but that’s what makes us beautiful. Our imperfections are what defines us, what makes us who we are. Our looks shouldn’t judge us unless it’s a particular movie role audition.. in that case, I can understand. Otherwise, makeup is not at all a must. It’s just a fun way of playing with colors and your face.

We should start embracing our bare skin, or if someone wants to put on makeup, he/she should do it on their own accord, cause they like makeup, not because society makes them do it, or because they feel like they have to in order to accomplish certain things.

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  • Emine Hasani
    February 2021 Reply

    Women and Men wear makeup because they can and they want to, that is it! There's no other reason and there shouldn't be.

  • Mike Jannus
    February 2021 Reply

    Makeup is not a camouflage, it's just a way to express your passion and yourself.

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