A review on "Dark Under-Eye Circles? The Kids Say It’s Cool"

A review on
  • February, 2021
  • Nodi Blake

Throughout my entire life, I have been trying to hide my dark circles in every way possible: concealers, foundation, therapy, masks.. anything. I hated them, and then I gave up. I couldn’t get rid of them, so I had to get used to living with them.

Lately, on various social media apps, I have noticed teens embracing and loving their dark circles more and more, which makes me so happy but so confused at the same time.

Are teens and kids these days more confident in their skin than we were back in the day? “Dark Under-Eye Circles? The Kids Say It’s Cool” is an article in New York Times that talks about this phenomenon. It’s mainly about this social media influencer who decided to emphasize her dark circles even more by adding some dark liner to them. Confusing right?

“Every few years, we have something like this where people get sick of beauty standards and kind of rebel,” said Abby Roberts.

I agree with her on every level, and I also think I had her confidence growing up. Sometimes beauty standards can be so unrealistic and so annoying that nobody wants to keep up with them. Dark circles are usual. They might run in your DNA, or maybe you’ve been working too much, and you feel tired. All of the above are natural everyday things that happen with or without your permission, so why should we be ashamed of any of them?

This new era of teenagers being confident in their skin and loving themselves is all I have been wanting, I kind of wish I lived my teen years in this period to be much more confident and embrace all of my insecurities. One of the commenters on this lovely young lady’s video was frustrated by saying that she didn’t cover hers up for 18 years just so that now it could become a trend.

Lady, please, what is your problem? This is amazing. Something you’ve been trying to hide is now a trend. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Minor and simple insecurities like that one are what makes us unique, this is why i love the fact that some young ladies from this generation are finally understanding what we couldn't back in the day. I am very proud of who these girls are and I wish we could all see them as an example rather than just some other teen.

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  • Buna D.
    February 2021 Reply

    Dark circles are adorable, I like to think of myself as a cute koala or a cute baby racoon when they look extra dark.

  • Vjosa Smith
    February 2021 Reply

    Let’s be clear about something: looking pretty, by American beauty standards, takes a lot of effort — no matter how genetically gifted you may be.

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